Tuesday, February 28, 2006

East meets West

Anna and Shillan Posted by Picasa

Love and Kumbaya

Caitlin and Pilar take a few minutes for an encouraging hug. Posted by Picasa


Today we were joined by a sitarist. It was very cool to have live music during practice. Posted by Picasa
Anna danced a improv solo to the melancholy sounds of the live sitar. Pilar and Kenzie watched along. Posted by Picasa

Hmong beauty

Alex wore her beautiful Hmong skirt to practice today. This skirt can really fly.... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dance as a Daily Practice

With the start of a new group I hope you’ll find new commitment to your dance practice. Similar to yoga, the idea of dance as a daily practice can inspire graceful living. Dancing each day can reconnect us to simple ideas of beauty, reminding us to walk gently on this earth, breathe fully with each movement, hold our centers of strength and be a alive in every moment. Or, our daily dance practice can simply be an hour of each day where we practice good posture and connect with music we love.
Mastering an art form requires countless hours in the studio and belly dance is no different. However, belly dance is a holistic mode of expression and even on days when we aren’t dancing together we can practice good dance habits. Noticing how we initiate movements, where we hold tension, the expressions we make, the ways in which we carry ourselves… all of these observations build the body and self awareness that are essential for discovering and fine tuning our individual dance voices. Our dance practice can vary, but the commitment to dancing daily will help ground and nurture our art.
In the spirit of dancing daily, we hope to support lots of robust and flourishing dance practices and to see everyone at rehersal often ;).
Rachel Kay Brookemire,
Sahara Tribal Dance Company

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Band Room

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Out of the Caravan and Into Grand Ledge

Zeebah Tribal Belly Dancers. Posted by Picasa

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Our first performance. Posted by Picasa

Hidding the Street Rat

Amongst Zeebah, Aladdin (Jeff) hides in the drapped hoop for the dramatic MC entrance to the Pep Assembly. Posted by Picasa

Pre-performance Buzz

 Posted by Picasa


Pilar and Olivia preparing to enter the stage. Posted by Picasa


Caitlyn is glorious in royal blue. Jazmine would turn green with envy! Posted by Picasa

That Tickles!

Nina tracing a stencil on Amelia's belly to create our very cool Tribal Tattoos. Posted by Picasa

Body Art

Ana is beautiful in Bindi. Posted by Picasa

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Right now, Zeebah practices without mirrors. In the mirrors of the dressing rooms, we got to see what we looked like for the first time...it was Zeebah! (Sarah O, Ana and Tiffany) Posted by Picasa

Belly Tattoo

Caitlyn applying tribal marks on Pilar. Posted by Picasa

Blushing Camilla

 Posted by Picasa

Belly Dancer Eyes

Olivia in Tribal Make up. Posted by Picasa

Hip Drop!

Honoring the ancient dance. Posted by Picasa

Possessed By The Spirit of Zeebah

After every practice, we all seem to leave with these silly happy goofy grins on our faces. This is a picture of us at the end of dress rehersal. Posted by Picasa


Pilar, Caitlyn, Camila, Ana and SarahO workin' the Omi. An Omi is a move where the dancer makes tight circles with her hips while leaving her upper body motionless. Posted by Picasa

Toran Belt

Here is a picture of Pilar's finished mirrored Toran camel tassel belt. Toran belts were often used as door decorations and as accessories for camel mounts. Tribal Belly dancers use them to make hip movements pop. Posted by Picasa

Sew till you drop!

On Friday, we stayed in school till 11pm learning sewing techniques and creating our costumes. Here is Pilar puting the finishing touches on her Toran belt. Posted by Picasa

Yes, You Can!

Nina learns to bring out her inner grace. Posted by Picasa