Monday, November 06, 2006

New Blood

Many new girls have joined our group this year. Anna puts them through the paces every week and teaches them new stuff. These girls are really committed since the new practice hours are on Fridays!!

2 Minutes to Myself

Yoga has become a really neat way to wind down after a practice. We lead such busy and stressful lives with very little time to give to ourselves. Unlike sports or other after school activities, belly dancing is a very personal and yoga just fits...


Between in and out is a place I want to go.

So I listen and breathe,

feel the air ripple and shimmer till I pause,

and a space opens, and I open too,

like a flower,

knowing where it roots, how its branches spread,

why its petals smell like lavender.

The I flow past, rippling again, whin only scent of lavender to hold me true.

Poem by Lenora Horowitz, 2005