Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amar Gamal

Habibi Dancer's Present
Amar Gamal
Annual Belly Dance Workshop
East Lansing, MI

Amar was awarded first place in the Mondo Melodia Bellydance Breakbeats competition held in LA, May 14th 2002. In 1996 Amar Gamal won the double crown title of Ms. America and Ms. World of the Bellydance.
She was recently selected to perform on the "Bellydance Superstars" CD release tour organized through Ark 21 Records. (Click here for larger image of CD cover.) The CD was released Nov. 12th 2002 and features some of the best music chosen by some of the country's most established & respected bellydancers. These dancers include Tamalyn Dallal from Miami, and from the west coast-Suhaila Salimpour, Jillina, Ansuya, Rania, Sonia, Neena and Veena.

Amar's international appearences include Trinidad, Haiti and Costa Rica, she has also performed as well as taught in Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Amar Gamal was the featured dancer in Gianni Versace's Fashion show in 1997 and 1998 and in the Oriental Dance Production in Lexington, Kentucky. She has also performed for the Superbowl XXIX Half Time Show in Florida and has appeared in the book "Bellylaughs" by Rod Long.

Check out the Bellyqueen class schedule to find out when Amar is teaching bellydance.

Amar Gamal is an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified instructor. Amar Gamal, who was born in Cuba, began bellydancing at the age of thirteen at the Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange, Inc. under the direction of Tamalyn Dallal of Miami Beach. Her other teachers include Jihan Jamal and Ylsa, also from Miami Beach, as well as Yousry Sharif from NYC.
She was the first and only student to audition with Oriental dance (bellydance) and get accepted to the reputable New World School of the Arts, Performing Arts High School. Here she pursued her extensive dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Afro-Cuban.
Amar Gamal has been a prominent dancer for the Blau Rhino Dance Ensemble Bridgewater College Dance Company, Mideastern Dance Exchange Performing Company, Dance Express Contemporary Company, and the Jamal Dancers Mideastern Performing Company.
Amar graduated from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts with a degree in Psychology.

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The Amazing Amar Gamal

I was so fortunate to be able to go to the Habibi Dancer's annual Workshop!!! This year, it was headlined by my favorite dancer in the whole world...Amar Gamal! Not to sound like a complete groupie but she is more beautiful in person than in any of the videos. She is also as amazing a dancer as I expected. First of all, she is a native Spanish speaker (from Cuba) so we immediatelly made a connection. She is very down to earth and we instantly fell into a banter as if we had known each other for years.

She taught us 2 great routines with lots of foot work, amazing hip work and graceful arm movements. The cool thing about her choreography is that she not only uses classical belly dance moves (like Egyptian) but she also mixes just the right infusion of Afro-Cuban, Latin, Jazz and Ballet. This recipe turns belly dancing into a sensually delicious experience.

I haven't really belly danced full out in about 6-8 months because I was loosing the belly dancing demoness. You know...the one that posses normal, every day women and causes them to unenhibidatelly expose their stretch mark riddled bellies and compulsively shake their cottage cheese hips and thighs to exotic Middle Eastern Beledi drums. Yeah...that one. I signed up to this workshop as a last resort. I figured, if Amar cannot bring it back...I will have to put my hips to sleep forever. Well, I am happy to say that its all good and that I cannot wait to improve my game so that I can learn the world famous Amar Gamal shimmy!

Amar, you are an inspiration and the Isis wings just frame the Queen that you are!!
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