Sunday, April 23, 2006

Looking on

The audience was very surprised to see us perform. Very few people her in the mid-west have heard of tribal belly dancing. Hey, there is Nina on the very right (beautiful Persian student from Okemos HS and amazing Tombek player) Posted by Picasa


We got to teach 2 workshops at Haslett. After we performed a few combinations, we talked to the students about belly dance and then invited them to take their shoes off and join us. Posted by Picasa

The Basics

In the second Workshop, there were about 40 students. We taught them belly dancing basics and then challenged them to a dance off. Everyone participated and had fun... even the manly types! Posted by Picasa

Oh, Victor!

Victor, the Diablo Master wowed us with his neon Chinese yo-yo uber skills and his so fabulous Euro-techno beatz. Victor is a German born student from Okemos HS Posted by Picasa

Making Friends

We ate lunch in the Haslett HS cafeteria and everyone was very friendly. Here we are making friends. Posted by Picasa

Dancing Outside

If it is warm outside, the shoes must come off... Posted by Picasa