Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Queen of the Ball

Gasp! I love this picture of Bri workin' her Cottilion ball gown. The ball was last Saturday! She looks like a real princess. What do you think? Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Vision That is Amelia

I am blown away by how much everyone has improved. I am particularly mezmerized by Amelia's ability to make it look so easy, so graceful and so beautiful... Posted by Picasa

Zeebah Times Two

Sara and Amelia are a model lesson in quiet beauty and enviable grace...Really, really Zeebah! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gorgeous Kenzie

It must hurt to look this good... Posted by Picasa

Mayor's Diversity Conference

We danced at the Diversity Conference. It was a great opportunity to minggle with a students from schools from the Lansing Area. We attended workshops about many topics regarding minorities. There were a variety of entertainment acts including a poetry group named Enigma. Here is Zeebah lookin' fierce at the beginning of Orientale No. 3 Posted by Picasa

Mayor Virg Bernero

The Mayor of Lansing hosted the conference. He invited us to fight against intolerance with actions. He told us to look forward to the counter Neo-Nazi activities that will be hosted in Lansing Eastern. Posted by Picasa

Preperformance Giggles

Caitlin, Anna and Sarah O, relieve a bit of the preperformance gitters in a fit of laughter. Posted by Picasa

Dream a little dream

Tiffany daydreams before the perfomance. Will they like us? Will we be too nervous? Posted by Picasa

Our Audience

Man, the Lansing Center was packed with students from all over the Lansing Area. This was a tough audience. Sarah and Jamie sat in the front row to get ready to cheer for us. Posted by Picasa

The Scorpion

Anna, Kenzie, Alex, Sarah O, Caitlin, Tiffany, Pilar and Amelia are deadly with that sting. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dress Rehearsal

Monday, we will be dancing for the Mayor. We are beginning to feel like bellydancers. Each movement feels more natural, and better looking and more fun...Shuck, we're just gettin' started. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Healing Dance

...Look up to the moon and sacred mountains of the sky
Listen to the songs of sacred land
Feel the healing wind of sea
Step into the vibrations of energizing songs of sun.
Let's dance beyond rhythm of sorrow
Lift our legs and hands in praise of life.
Dance to the wind of drums for the rejuvenation of souls.
Exerpt, Chidi A. Okoye (Nigerian artist)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Isn't She Lovely

 Posted by Picasa


Anna and Jamie feeling the burn. Posted by Picasa

Stretch that Belly

Caitlyn, Alex and Sarah O stretching before dress rehersal. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Garnet Kepler

Garnet Kepler, Anna's teacher and choreographer for the Habibi Dancers came to do a workshop with us today. It was very exciting and we learned many things. The Habibi Dancers is a mid-Michigan based dance company specializing in Middle Eastern and related dance. The company is well-known for its annual concerts and its appearances at local events, summer art and ethnic festivals, and fairs. The company grew out of a performing dance group sponsored by Lansing Community College and was incorporated as an independent nonprofit dance company in 1983.
The Habibi Dancers is dedicated to studying and performing the dances of the Middle East and related forms from North Africa through central Asia. Offering Michigan audiences unique presentations of authentically costumed folkloric and classical dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, the Arabian Peninsula, Persia and Morocco, the Habibi Dancers has enriched the local ethnic dance scene. Styles and choreographies are learned from foreign born and American teachers, and imported dance videos also provide an invaluable resource unavailable a decade ago. Garnet's stage name is Yasmina Amal. Posted by Picasa

Breaking it all Down

Garnet was kind enough to break down all the moves of our current dance. In this picture, she is taking us thru the warm ups. (Amelia,Anna, Caitlin, Tiffany, Kenzie, Sara O's arm, Pilar, Jamie, Alex and Bri) Posted by Picasa

The Ultimate Shimmy

Today we learned that there are a gazillion types of shimmies. In this picture, Garnet is working one of many to the amazement of Pilar, Sara O and Caitlin. Posted by Picasa


Garnet showed us her books, CDs and Workshop notebooks that she has collected for the last 20 years. It made us realize how much more we will need to get to her level. Posted by Picasa

Posing with the Pro

Habibi Dancers

Here is a pictue of the Habibi Dancers. They dance on Fridays at Aladdin's. I really like the colors of their costumes Posted by Picasa

Yasmina Amal

Here is a picture of Garnet looking fierce as Yamina Amal. Even though costumes enhance the dancer's moves, Garnet wowed us all without the use of a fancy costume. Posted by Picasa

Yasmina in Pink

Here is another gorgeous picture of garnet in a really cool pink number Posted by Picasa