Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tribal Tattoos

Once again, we practice the time honored tradition of applying our tribal hennah tattoos before an important occasion as countless South Asian women through history. In this picture, Alex and Kenzie apply our "Hennah" tattoos before the big parade. Posted by Picasa


We were elated to have Anna back. Anna graduated last year and she was our premier dancer and instructor. We cannot wait till she begins teaching again. Posted by Picasa

Gypsy Caravan

Meet Doc (right) and Taco (left) our beautiful and very obedient Gypsy Mules. Together with Mr. Shulz (owner/driver), they made Zeebah look awesome for our Fall debut. An extremely original float!! Posted by Picasa

Homecoming Parade 2006

Zeebah's first outing for the school year was the GLHS Fall Homecoming Parade. The parade theme was Legends in Time. Zeebah came out as Gypsies Caravan girls. In this picture, Pilar and Bri lead the right flank of our Caravan wagon. Posted by Picasa